Martin Kiszko on 05/4/2017

Looking forward to working with children at The Dolphin School, Bristol and with charity Frank Water on my epic poem project King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-Quest: 9000 words in rhyming couplets and a great piece of theatre that any school can perform!

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2nd Green Poems Poetry Competition Winner!

Martin Kiszko on 04/21/2016

Green Poems for a Blue Planet is proud to announce that the winner of their second annual poetry competition is Rachel Scriven aged 10 of Henleaze Junior School, Bristol. Her Clerihew poem is:

Poor Timothy Michael
Refused to recycle.
He demanded toys that were new and fantastic
Alas, he was swept away in an avalanche of plastic.

The judges did not award a runners up prize this year.

But get your clerihews ready for the 3rd Annual Green Poems for a Blue Planet Poetry Competition! If you or your school would like to enter and win books or a performance or workshop of Martin’s one man show – then send your contact details to and we’ll send you an entry form!

Great green gratitude!

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Martin Kiszko on 06/15/2015

The wowfabsuperical winner of the first stupentacular Green Poems for a Blue Planet Poetry Competition is Limonie Mckeown-Sunderland who wins a UK’s Green Poet performance/workshop for her school and a copy of Green Poems for a Blue Planet and Verse for the Earth. Her clerihew poem on homegrown biogas is:

I had a friend named Fred,
Who liked to sit in his shed,
He did a big eco fart,
To make his lawnmower start!

The coolterrifantical runner up is Georgia Pickford who wins signed copies of the books. Her clerihew poem on lazy litterers is:

My friend, Katie Kitter,
Does not pick up litter.
I explain the concept of being green
But she just stares at the TV screen.

The competition was judged by Adam Glen, Nick Park, Martin Kiszko and an audience at the launch of the Green Poems for a Blue Planet exhibition. Awesometremenderous congratulations!

A second Green Poems for a Blue Planet Poetry Competition is now running and closes on October 31st 2015. For entry details send your contact details  to  Green gratitude!

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Poet Postie and Poet in the Square

Martin Kiszko on 06/1/2015

It’s been a brilltastagorical awesometremenderous few months with lots of miles clocked up on my wonderful Pashley green bike. I’ve met around 200 families in the centre of Bristol and been able to talk about the European Green Capital year, perform poetry, show off the bike and invite children to enter my Poet Postie Poetry Competition – winners to be announced every soon!
It’s also been a great time performing in my period costume as a 16th century poet for my POET IN THE SQUARE act in Bristol’s Millennium Square. You can still catch it if you’re quick. Look at the dates in the Green Shoots section on this site!
To cap it all I got to perform for the launch of the Shaun the Sheep National Education programme ‘Keen to be Green’. So remember – be keen to be seen to be green!

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Green Poems for Pope Francis

Martin Kiszko on 04/14/2015

GREAT GREEN NEWS: His Holiness Pope Francis receives Green Poems for a Blue Planet and Verse for the Earth and offers supportive prayers for the Green Poet’s Mission!

I recently wrote to His Holiness Pope Francis to comment on the significant work on which he is embarking with regard to his encyclical on climate change and forthcoming address to the UN General Assembly. I was also able to send him my books of environmental poems and inform him of the work I am doing as Poet in Residence with Bristol 2015 European Green Capital.

I received a reply from the Pope’s Monsignor at theVatican: ‘The Holy Father wishes me to express his gratitude for your kind letter and the gift of your collection of the poems, he appreciates your thoughtful gesture. His Holiness will remember you and your intentions in his prayers, and he invokes upon you God’s blessings of joy and peace.’

No matter what one’s worldview is, I have felt encouraged to know that Pope Francis is an active ‘greenie’ and will be remembering the Green Poet in his prayers! I shall be continuing my green mission on the streets and have so far spoken to two hundred families about the European Green Capital Year and the power of eco-poetry! I feel privileged to be supported by the blessings of joy and peace from Pope Francis for the important task – regardless of our status or worldview – that we all have in front of us: to protect our planet.

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Green Poems for a Blue Planet lands on Isle of Man

Martin Kiszko on 02/17/2015

‘Man’nificent news as Martin manouevres the Green Poems for landing on the Isle of Man.  He’ll be manipulating metre, manufacturing mantras and mangling metaphors before your very isles! Looking forward to performing at and working with budding bards and pop-up poets at Ramsey Grammar School, Castle Rushen High School and Ballacottier Primary School. Hoping they’ll all want to be ‘seen to be green’  and offer some ‘eco’mical laughs with their performance poetry.  Green gratitude to all you greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies!

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Green Poems for a Blue Planet Exhibition

Martin Kiszko on 01/4/2015

It’s exciting starting the year as the Poet in Residence for Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. If you keep your green eyes peeled – you’ll see me around on my amazingly green Pashley bicycle delivering poems to greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies everywhere!

But other great news is that we have a fantastic exhibition of the poetry and illustrations:Tuesday 13th -Saturday 31st January: Exhibition ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’ poems by Martin Kiszko with illustrations by Nick Park. The Plough Arts Centre 9-11 Fore Street, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8HQ Telephone: 01805 624624

‘We are delighted to host this exhibition of the poems and illustrations from the book ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’. The poems were written by Martin Kiszko, the UK’s Green Poet, with illustrations by Nick Park, creator of ‘Wallace and Gromit’. Martin’s eco- comical poetry for children and families aim to help a new generation understand and grasp the challenges ahead and will hopefully encourage their search for solutions that can create a sustainable environment for all. To accompany the exhibition, Martin will be performing his poems to local schoolchildren and the poems and illustrations will provide the inspiration for their own work which will be exhibited here in March.’

See you there. Green gratitude!

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Five-a-Day Green Words Produce Healthy Environmental Poet

Martin Kiszko on 10/14/2014

Hi Greenies, it’s your healthy green poet here. It seems that writing and performing five green words a day over the last four years has  increased my outpouring of poetry and I am bouncing with beans especially after being crowned GREEN POET IN RESIDENCE – BRISTOL 2015 EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL!  Must have been all those Double Dactyls and Clerihews I performed at the WaterAid poetry workshops! Anyway, what fun we’ll have in Europe’s Green Capital next year as we greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies go 365 Green! And all this on the back of winning the 2014 Climate Week Award for Best Artistic Response to Climate Change! That’s the power of poetry. Then following close behind was the win of an International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice which I pick up at the Houses of Parliament in London. I’m hoping they paint Big Ben green for the evening!

Really enjoyed the summer but hmmmm…had to keep wearing those shades for the global warming bit of September. Went up to Lincolnshire to perform at Canebuzo and helped to launch their Carbon Neutral Business Zone. Also wrote  a poem all about it and hope to be doing more events for companies and businesses soon.   Especially thrilled that my colleague Adam Glen and me – along with our illustrious illustrator Nick Park are launching our limited edition Green Poems for a Blue Planet poemprints – which look fab on any wall and which we’ll exhibit to promote the books and my one-man show. So that’s it for now.  Remember – be seen to be green and if you’re not seen then perhaps you’re undergreen!

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Propagated by poetry, watered with words and fertilised with fun!

Martin Kiszko on 06/10/2014

Greetings Greenies!

Proud to announce that Green Poems for a Blue Planet book and performances was Winner at the 2014 Cimate Week Awards in the category Best Artistic Response to Climate Change!

Hot on the heels of that I’ve been touring with international charity WaterAid giving poetry performances and workshops about safe clean water and satitation! Yes – more Pooetry! The events took place at Southern Water, Thames Water, Welsh Water and Yorkshire Water as well as at Canary Wharf for World Water Day. There have also been schools perfomances in London and Bristol and well as the book launch performances of the new book Verse for the Earth – More Green Poems for a Blue Planet – again in London at the Panter and Hall Gallery on Pall Mall and at the At Bristol Science Centre in Bristol. There will also be limited edition prints of the poems with the illustrations going on sale and, if you’re interested, drop me a line at

Great news about the Green Poems for a Blue Planet and WaterAid Poetry Competition Poems on Water which has had over two thousand entries! Some entries even came from as far afield as Indonesia and Dubai. Now it’s time to sit down and read the verse and watch the filmpoems to find the winners.

Next up will be a performance at the International Corporate and Social Responsibility Excellence Awards at one of the most iconic eco-buiildings in the UK – the Crystal in London. I’ll also be up in Lincolnshire in the Autumn performing for Lincolnshire County Council for the launch of their CaNeBuZo – Carbon Neutral Business Zone, located in Long Sutton. This is a unique earth-sheltered development of seven self-contained office units that are naturally heated, naturally ventilated and which will have low to no energy bills.

So that’s all for now greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies. Be seen to be green!

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Pooetry in Motion

Martin Kiszko on 01/28/2014

Hi Greenies, back from a fantastic tour of India. Been on the go with the green poems and two of the most successful ones that have had fabulous  responses from audiences have been about poo! You might have guessed! So it has certainly all been ‘pooetry in motion’! Two performances in Mumbai plus a green workshop and a school performance then on to Pune to give performances at the Bookaroo Literature Festival and schools. Back in the green and pleasant and very wet lands of the UK now!

Great green news! Nick Park and I have completed the next Green poems book which will be available in mid-March. It’s called VERSE FOR THE EARTH: MORE GREEN POEMS FOR A BLUE PLANET! It has some very funny poems with some equally funny illustrations. from disappearing hedghogs to environmentally friendly pirates and from green cars that can save cats and pheasants to poems about shopping and fashion – there’s something for every greenie and non-greenie in the world! The new Planet Poo poem is becoming one of the most popular poems in the new book so make sure you get a look at my ‘pooetry’!

Next up is the mini-tour with international charity WaterAid which starts today at Southern Water’s education centre at theTestwood Lakes in Hampshire. I’ll be inspiring young poets to write water themed poetry and hoping that they’ll enter their work in our great new WaterAid/Green Poems for a Blue Planet poetry competition. If you want to enter or know of a school that does, check out the website for info and entry forms.

Bye for now. It’s time to cook the organic broccoli, have a cup of green tea and write a few green jokes. What’s green and long and waits for buses? A queuecumber. What did the environmentally friendly airport check-in lady say? Did you pack your cabbage yourself? More later if you can stand it!

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