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Brand New (but soon to be recycled) Blog


Welcome greenies, non greenies and inbetweenies! Welcome those that have recycled your Lamborghinis, those of you fans of organic beanies, those of you hippies with holes in your jeanies, all of you classic chilled fans of Rossini, those of you giving up lattes and panini to fit into your boxers and your bikinis, those that want three green wishes from the green genie. You know what I meanie!

A big green welcome then to my brand new (but soon to be recycled) Blog! It’s here that I’ll be chirping and chatting, blagging and blogging, gabbing and gossing about all things green – well ,not ALL things green – snot, mould and green gunge might not always get a mention. It depends whether I feel creative enough to write them into a poem.

It’s here where I’ll answer a lot of the fantastic questions I’m asked when I perform my Green Poems show – such as: What was the first poem you ever wrote? How many poems have you written?
What’s your favourite poem? What’s your favourite football team?

I’ll also be taking a look at the amazing poems you’ve sent me and I’ll show you how to write some really cool poems to impress your friends, parents, teachers and anyone who currently has a top 40 chart hit! There’ll be no stopping us! And whether you’re just starting out in school, are in the middle of it, or you left it years ago – Green Poems for a Blue Planet will restore all your green bits and show you exciting ways of being poetic and being green. You’ll soon be sprouting words faster than a sprouting sprout! Now try repeating that last sentence quickly.

Finally, I’ll end in the same way the walkie-talkie operator did…

What did the greener than green radio operator say over his walkie-talkie?
‘Over and sprout.’

Martin – The UK’s Green Poet