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Pooetry in Motion


Hi Greenies, back from a fantastic tour of India. Been on the go with the green poems and two of the most successful ones that have had fabulous¬† responses from audiences have been about poo! You might have guessed! So it has certainly all been ‘pooetry in motion’! Two performances in Mumbai plus a green workshop and a school performance then on to Pune to give performances at the Bookaroo Literature Festival and schools. Back in the green and pleasant and very wet lands of the UK now!

Great green news! Nick Park and I have completed the next Green poems book which will be available in mid-March. It’s called VERSE FOR THE EARTH: MORE GREEN POEMS FOR A BLUE PLANET! It has some very funny poems with some equally funny illustrations. from disappearing hedghogs to environmentally friendly pirates and from green cars that can save cats and pheasants to poems about shopping and fashion – there’s something for every greenie and non-greenie in the world! The new Planet Poo poem is becoming one of the most popular poems in the new book so make sure you get a look at my ‘pooetry’!

Next up is the mini-tour with international charity WaterAid which starts today at Southern Water’s education centre at theTestwood Lakes in Hampshire. I’ll be inspiring young poets to write water themed poetry and hoping that they’ll enter their work in our great new WaterAid/Green Poems for a Blue Planet poetry competition. If you want to enter or know of a school that does, check out the website for info and entry forms.

Bye for now. It’s time to cook the organic broccoli, have a cup of green tea and write a few green jokes. What’s green and long and waits for buses? A queuecumber. What did the environmentally friendly airport check-in lady say? Did you pack your cabbage yourself? More later if you can stand it!

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