All hail the Queen…the Queen of Green!

Martin Kiszko on 09/10/2013

Hi Greenies, Non-greenies and Inbetweenies,

What a great green time I had at the Greenbuild event in Norfolk. My audiences were so green they’d travelled there by pogo stick, skateboards, roller skates, scooters and some even came on solarskate panels – these are solar panels converted into skateboards which draw on the sun’s energy to propel you along. Well – in my dreams that is! But I’m sure they’ll be in the shops this Christmas now that I’ve invented them! Oh and a special thanks to Jake and Alannah for volunteering to be my ‘Green Queen’ for the Green Queen poem performances! You could both definitely rule the kingdom of Greengaria if not Greenland.
So, back at home now and straight into making the morning healthy juice to start the day. Why not try my recipe?

Five or six carrots,
One stick of celery,
One apple,
One or two slices of pineapple (depending on how sweet you want it),
And a tiny piece of ginger if you like.

Juice it all up – delicious – makes about a glass and a half – and be proud of how very healthy you’ve been. Now you’re ready for the morning – fuelled on carrots and lots of other goodies. No wonder rabbits are so energetic in the wild – but watch out for any ear extensions!!!

That’s all for now. Be seen to be green and if you can’t be seen then you’re definitely not green enough! And remember – feel free to send your great green poems to this blog – it would be fab to hear from all those young green poets out there!

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