Five-a-Day Green Words Produce Healthy Environmental Poet

Martin Kiszko on 10/14/2014

Hi Greenies, it’s your healthy green poet here. It seems that writing and performing five green words a day over the last four years has  increased my outpouring of poetry and I am bouncing with beans especially after being crowned GREEN POET IN RESIDENCE – BRISTOL 2015 EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL!  Must have been all those Double Dactyls and Clerihews I performed at the WaterAid poetry workshops! Anyway, what fun we’ll have in Europe’s Green Capital next year as we greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies go 365 Green! And all this on the back of winning the 2014 Climate Week Award for Best Artistic Response to Climate Change! That’s the power of poetry. Then following close behind was the win of an International Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice which I pick up at the Houses of Parliament in London. I’m hoping they paint Big Ben green for the evening!

Really enjoyed the summer but hmmmm…had to keep wearing those shades for the global warming bit of September. Went up to Lincolnshire to perform at Canebuzo and helped to launch their Carbon Neutral Business Zone. Also wrote  a poem all about it and hope to be doing more events for companies and businesses soon.   Especially thrilled that my colleague Adam Glen and me – along with our illustrious illustrator Nick Park are launching our limited edition Green Poems for a Blue Planet poemprints – which look fab on any wall and which we’ll exhibit to promote the books and my one-man show. So that’s it for now.  Remember – be seen to be green and if you’re not seen then perhaps you’re undergreen!

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  1. 07/15/2015Swanny says:

    My poem is:I would like to be a baker,So i could eat lots of yummy cakes.I would like to be a swimmer,So i could swim acsros some lakes.I would like to be a soldier,So i could save somebodys life.I would like to be a vicar,So could make you man and wife.I would like to be a policeman,So i could put teachers in jail.I would like to be a postman,So i could deliver your mail.I would like to be a model,So i could go on the catwalk.I would like to be a tourist,So i could go to New York. That was my poem that i did i hope you enjoyed it

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