Green Camper Tour

Martin Kiszko on 09/12/2013

Hello Greenies,

I have been inundated with requests to join me on my Green Camper tour of the Green Poems show to India.  I regret that the Camper is full. Even my own children have to stay at home. Someone has to put the bins out!

In fact, it’s not really a camper van  but a green tent propelled by a team of friendly frogs. With a hop and a few trillion jumps – should be in India in no time!

Swam 42 lengths today and rehearsed my new 31 verse poem during the backstroke section. How’s that for multi-tasking? And I left some water in the pool for everyone else. The Green Poet’s generosity knows no bounds!

As for Greenies who tell me they are fans of Harry Potter – forget Harry – when did he ever put the bins out?  Please clear some shelf space for the next Green Poems for a Blue Planet Book 2 instead!!!


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All hail the Queen…the Queen of Green!

Martin Kiszko on 09/10/2013

Hi Greenies, Non-greenies and Inbetweenies,

What a great green time I had at the Greenbuild event in Norfolk. My audiences were so green they’d travelled there by pogo stick, skateboards, roller skates, scooters and some even came on solarskate panels – these are solar panels converted into skateboards which draw on the sun’s energy to propel you along. Well – in my dreams that is! But I’m sure they’ll be in the shops this Christmas now that I’ve invented them! Oh and a special thanks to Jake and Alannah for volunteering to be my ‘Green Queen’ for the Green Queen poem performances! You could both definitely rule the kingdom of Greengaria if not Greenland.
So, back at home now and straight into making the morning healthy juice to start the day. Why not try my recipe?

Five or six carrots,
One stick of celery,
One apple,
One or two slices of pineapple (depending on how sweet you want it),
And a tiny piece of ginger if you like.

Juice it all up – delicious – makes about a glass and a half – and be proud of how very healthy you’ve been. Now you’re ready for the morning – fuelled on carrots and lots of other goodies. No wonder rabbits are so energetic in the wild – but watch out for any ear extensions!!!

That’s all for now. Be seen to be green and if you can’t be seen then you’re definitely not green enough! And remember – feel free to send your great green poems to this blog – it would be fab to hear from all those young green poets out there!

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Brand New (but soon to be recycled) Blog

Martin Kiszko on 08/7/2013

Welcome greenies, non greenies and inbetweenies! Welcome those that have recycled your Lamborghinis, those of you fans of organic beanies, those of you hippies with holes in your jeanies, all of you classic chilled fans of Rossini, those of you giving up lattes and panini to fit into your boxers and your bikinis, those that want three green wishes from the green genie. You know what I meanie!

A big green welcome then to my brand new (but soon to be recycled) Blog! It’s here that I’ll be chirping and chatting, blagging and blogging, gabbing and gossing about all things green – well ,not ALL things green – snot, mould and green gunge might not always get a mention. It depends whether I feel creative enough to write them into a poem.

It’s here where I’ll answer a lot of the fantastic questions I’m asked when I perform my Green Poems show – such as: What was the first poem you ever wrote? How many poems have you written?
What’s your favourite poem? What’s your favourite football team?

I’ll also be taking a look at the amazing poems you’ve sent me and I’ll show you how to write some really cool poems to impress your friends, parents, teachers and anyone who currently has a top 40 chart hit! There’ll be no stopping us! And whether you’re just starting out in school, are in the middle of it, or you left it years ago – Green Poems for a Blue Planet will restore all your green bits and show you exciting ways of being poetic and being green. You’ll soon be sprouting words faster than a sprouting sprout! Now try repeating that last sentence quickly.

Finally, I’ll end in the same way the walkie-talkie operator did…

What did the greener than green radio operator say over his walkie-talkie?
‘Over and sprout.’

Martin – The UK’s Green Poet